An independent, grant & award-winning non-profit, inspiring breakthroughs in sports and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to improve the culture in sports and entrepreneurship by creating new opportunities for jobs, education, community involvement, and more.

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tri-donation (lol)

Although that was, the way we disburse your donation is NO JOKE. We have carefully curated and vetted organizations and programs that have proven success rates in order to ensure we're donating into things that will improve the lives of others.
Through this process, we've developed-core-values and vow to stay within these realms.

economic improvement

We empower local communities to continue to build their community by supporting small businesses & entrepreneurial development.  We select small businesses each period and deliver a portion of your donation to this arena.

health & sports

Health and physical activity (through sports) is a major priority in low-income communities based on narrative and opportunities.  A portion of your donation funds programs and activities in lew of support.

social justice

Racial, social, and economic equity & justice is possible with partners like you. A portion of the proceeds go directly to supporting programs and activities that aid social justice for all genders, races, religions, etc.

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